Can I prepare my music for digital distribution on my own?
Yes, our digital asset management system which you can access as a client from our website is a multitenant application. This makes it easy for you to upload your data and describe it and even to distribute it to certain shops.  

Can Roba build new albums and create Artwork for my tracks?
Yes, our advanced software offers us the possibility to create e.g. albums from various single tracks and our design department is able to design new album cover artworks within 24 hours.
How do you calculate royalties?
The calculation and royalty distribution will be done like this: Roba gets from a digital shop a certain royalty for every single sold music track. After Roba has deducted a small share for its digital distribution (which will be agreed in our contract) we pay out the full rest of the money without any further deduction to the rights owner.
If there is more than one rightsholder with a share in this track, Roba will pay out the monies in accordance to the share that they have.

Why should I sell my music via digital stores?
Selling your music on digital music stores is both a way to expose your music to a worldwide audience of music lovers and a new source of income. The digital download market is one of the fastest growing segments in the entertainment market. Gadgets like the Apple Ipod™ have brought immense speed to the development.
For music that is no longer available physically, digital distribution can be a significant new source of income. 
Is digital distribution compatible with the physical distribution of my music?
Yes. We work with a number of music rights owners whose CDs are being distributed physically by themselves or other distributors. We focus on what we do best: digital distribution.
Why should I choose Roba as a partner for my digital distribution?
Because of our commitment: A dedicated professional at your service who will work with you to build the appropriate digital development strategy for your music. All of our professionals have a solid experience in the music business and a strong knowledge of the digital world. 
We are one of the leading digital distributors in Europe for music thanks to the quality and the extent of our distribution network. As a philosophy, we prefer to have control over our own technology and distribution network. Not relying on any third party allows us to digitize your sheets and books for online fast. 
Large online shops only work with a limited number of partners and often refuse to distribute small amounts of music due to lack of time and volume. We offer you a real «one stop solution» for digital distribution and promotion – allowing you to focus on your core business. 
How much do you charge? What type of contract do you offer? Whom should I contact to receive a contract proposal?
There are no costs! We digitize (if you want us to), store, encode and distribute without any costs for you! Roba Digital receives a small percentage of the sales generated by your music. As our income is linked to your success, we do our best to increase your sales.
To receive a contract proposal, please contact via the contact form on our website. 
How long will I have to wait before my music is online?
Once we have received the contract, the music as a CD or file and the related information, the digitalization and the delivery to the various stores takes about 48 hours. It can then take between 3 and 8 weeks for your music to be available for sale. We cannot speed up the second process as the handling of the digital stores is not in our sphere of influence. Some digital stores are faster than others.
How do you promote the music?
Our people will build a digital distribution strategy with you. It is very important that you keep us informed of all your own press kits and promotional coverage. The more we know, the better we can market your music. 
Where can I access my royalty reports?
We provide you with access to a personal client area on our website where you can monitor sales and manage your catalogue. Royalties are paid to you by bank transfer.
I already distribute some of my music directly with specific stores. Would you still accept to distribute my music?
It is possible to exclude selected shops from our service. In this a case, we will handle services for which you do not already have an existing agreement.
What happens if I have signed a contract with other music distributors?
This is often no problem. Please check what kind of rights you have given away. Often these rights are non-exklusive or not for the digital area or only certain territories.

Ten Simple steps to distribute your sheet music and books digitally:  

  1. Request for distribution (send an Email to
  2. Conclusion of the agreement
  3. Send us your priority music on CD, or as a file first 
  4. Then prepare your back catalogue
  5. Plan online sales in your release plan (e.g. send us your new releases ahead of the physical release, best is six weeks ahead your release dates as many download shops have long waiting lists)
  6. Give us information for our online marketing of your products
  7. Inform us about every loss of right or update of your catalogue
  8. Promote your sheet music and books on your website (e.g. deep links to shops)
  9. Receive sales statements online or via paper
  10. Receive payments directly to your bank account