We administrate a huge and varied music catalogue, with many labels and master rights represented on an exclusive basis. Our extensive music repertoire is constantly updated with information on the existing labels and new artists and repertoire. We offer this repertoire for offline and online compilations and create our own digital compilations.


We are able to license individual songs (including international and domestic hits from the past six decades) and in many cases, single and multi-artist compilations. These original recordings are available to license for retail, mail order and direct response, premium and offline and digital compilation usage.

Each licensing request has to be specifically cleared in the context of marketing, financial and commercial consideration, including, in some cases, third party approval. Therefore, the inclusion of recordings on this website is not necessarily an indication of their availability.

ROBA is also very active in releasing and marketing its own digital compilations giving its licensees another way to exploit their music.


Your advantages as a licensor:

  • A huge repertoire which is constantly updated
  • Fast response on compilation requests
  • We offer individual searches for your music needs

Are you interested in finding music for your next compilation project? Please contact us info@roba.com or fill out this form: