ROBA’s creative licensing department supplies independent music to productions across the globe. For our clients, we focus our synch master placement activity in both major and independent film productions, tv shows, advertisements, video games, websites, and new media. 


We market and administer licenses on behalf of thousands of content owners – everything from chart- hits to fresh up-and-coming indie pop or rock to timeless swing jazz to classical masters to exotic regional music from around the world.

Our creative team works with a trusted network of music supervisors, studio executives, and agency music producers to make our catalogue available. We deliver hand-picked music to create moods and brand connections. Our experienced group helps with every music search quickly so music buyers can focus on the creative aspects their projects. 

ROBA represents one of the largest licensed collections of music available, with efficient connections to tens of thousands of artists, labels, and publishers. In many cases, we are able to assist in “one stop” licensing of both masters and compositions, easing the detailed work of the music supervisor or clearance administrator. 


  • Creative Music Searches
  • Music Clearance Services
  • One Stop Shop Licensing

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