ROBA Digital distributes digital music to hundreds of e-retailers around the world using a high-end delivery and content management system. 

Our clientportal gives you complete control over your business, and our technology ensures integration with all e-retailers.

ROBA Digital sets the standard for how digital distribution of music and books should work today. We have developed a high-end system for digital music distribution making it easy for both our content partners and e-retailers to do business with us. 

Our technology handles the entire distribution process:

  • We handle all the work involved to optimize your music for delivery in formats like .wav, .flac, etc.. Our automated supply chain systems packages and sends your content to the e-retailers and countries you choose.
  • Our client portal for rightsholders sets us apart. Through an easy-to-use web interface our clients use this tool to review their transparent royalty information and our digital distribution interface to edit metadata and determine who will receive their content.