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DJ Pound on Saturate Rec.

Genre: Experimental Electronic 

Saturate Records is about to release 'Robot Whispers' of DJ Veteran 'Dj Pound' from San Diego.

DJ Pound is not new in the game, he`s a DJ with years of experience. He comes from San Diego, California and started Djing in 1994.  
 He got really deep into studying turntablism in the late 90s and is still working on his skills. His DJ sets back then were made of instrumental beats either beatjuggled or scratched to, which has grown into a passion for collecting the heaviest and funkiest beats to scratch to.
Different from the over-compressed beats nowadays 'robot whispers' goes a route leaving you in rocky and spikey landscapes full of kicks, slaps, blaps and saturation artifacts.
Some would say this can be described as Instrumental hip-hop from another planet where machines and aliens communicating, but we believe that this sonic texture is totally unique, fresh and virtuouos in its musical expression. 
The release will come with 8 tracks influenced by dub and experimental electronical fractions. 

In DJ Pund's own words:
"These songs were mostly influenced by the not so obvious messages in everything there is available for us humans to perceive. I feel there is an energy, that is connected with every incident that has happened in this dimension that courses through everything in this universe. When artists create we let that energy and our minds collaborate on a final piece, even if we know it or notI think so anyways - I could be wrong but i like my theory."

The music could not be more fitting for the label. This release indeed deserves the expression oversaturated. You`ll need extraterrestrial, robodriven, jet-powered

Megaspeakers in oder to feel the power and hear every small detail of this music.

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