ROBA DIGITAL (RD) is a Digital Service Provider (DSP) for its Clients (consisting mainly of music publishers). RDS will only deliver to specific E-retailers upon explicit requests from its Clients.

This area has been designed for our e-retail partner to report any error encountered upon importing/validating the packages delivered on our clients‚ behalf. If you have noticed any error or believe any issue needs reporting back, you can highlight it to us via the below form.

Please note that re-delivery requests must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis to address any issues. Roba Digital needs as much information as possible to make sure it can investigate accordingly and report back to its clients prior to make any actions.

You should use the below form at all times to enquire about any potential issue with batches Roba Digital has delivered. This will raise a ticket in our systems, and enable our dedicated team to track the BatchID, Client, UPC and relevant issue raised ensuring a prompt reply to your request.

If you need to contact RD for any other Technical Support enquiry, please use our support E-Mail:


Thank you in advance

The Roba Digital Sheets Support Team

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